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Positive Side Effects of Having Your Own Home Garden

The last time we addressed home gardening we discussed how simple it was to create your own garden at home.  In 5 steps we had our garden up and running.

In just the 3 garden seasons here in Arizona we have learned quite a bit! We are lucky to have 2 seasons to grow fruits and vegetables here in Arizona.  Basically from mid January to May, and then from mid September to mid December we have the opportunity to sustain ourselves right from our own front and backyards. 

Earth Day 2011: Thank you William and Elizabeth Kent!

By Javier Zuluaga

We use the words “sustainable, green, and recycling” in our conversations today on Earth Day. In the back of my mind I see a daunting task of how individuals can make a difference in keeping Earth protected (with minimal long term effects) while moving forward in our day and age.

Our recent visit to Muir Woods National Monument (12 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge) convinced me that individuals absolutely do make a difference!

Sustainable Garden in Tempe by Javier Zuluaga

"If it is meant to be, it is up to me." -William H. Johnsen

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