The last time we addressed home gardening we discussed how simple it was to create your own garden at home.  In 5 steps we had our garden up and running.

In just the 3 garden seasons here in Arizona we have learned quite a bit! We are lucky to have 2 seasons to grow fruits and vegetables here in Arizona.  Basically from mid January to May, and then from mid September to mid December we have the opportunity to sustain ourselves right from our own front and backyards. 

Farmer Markets have grown exponentially across the country in those same 3 garden seasons. A seed was planted in our minds to know the source of our food, to avoid pesticides, and eat a healthy, fresh, organic diet of fruits and vegetables. We can grow our own super foods (Broccoli, Kale, Beats, Cauliflower, Garlic, Onions, Sweet Potatoes). For the carnivores, we learned free range chickens, and grass fed, not corn fed beef was the better choice.

The following picture below is one that Dr. Wendy Wells shared with me last week and it struck a chord with me.

If not salad dressing, then what chemicals are they spraying on these veggies?

It is worth it to grow as many vegetables and fruit ourselves in our own yard.

The only thing we use to clear our pests are Ladybugs, mild soap  and water.

Also worth it to pay a little more to get fresh produce, free from pesticides at a local farmers market with local suppliers!

Home Gardens can:

  1. Create a place of peace.

  2. Provide connection back to earth from the “Matrix” world.

  3. Feed us, and our neighbors. Keep us free from pesticides.

  4. Bring a smile to us!
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