By Javier Zuluaga

We use the words “sustainable, green, and recycling” in our conversations today on Earth Day. In the back of my mind I see a daunting task of how individuals can make a difference in keeping Earth protected (with minimal long term effects) while moving forward in our day and age.

Our recent visit to Muir Woods National Monument (12 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge) convinced me that individuals absolutely do make a difference!

According to the handout by the National Park Service, ancient redwood forests blanketed many northern California valleys before the 1800s. But in the name of progress, many of these woods were cut down. In 1905 (over 106 years ago) local businessman William Kent and his wife Elizabeth bought the land that is now the Muir Woods National Park.

"To ensure permanent protection, they (William and Elizabeth) donated 295 acres of redwoods to the federal government. In 1908 President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed the area a national monument.  At Williams Kents’ request, it was named for the conservationist John Muir."

So on the 41st anniversary of Earth Day, we would like to thank you, Mr. and Mrs. William Kent, for sustaining our ancient redwood forests. The actions of these two individuals have enabled over 100 years of awe, wonderment, and joy for children and adults, let alone all the wildlife in the redwood forests. May we all lead by action in sustaining Earth for future generations we will never meet. Enjoy the pictures!




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